The Boulevard has been established as the largest shopping center in Eastern Indonesia, becoming the trademark of Manado. The coastal area that has been transformed inton a business area with a reclaimed area of 76 hectares, is a well reknowned business area in the city of Kawanuas. The Boulevard itself, with a length of 4.2 Km has been declared as the longest coastal road in Indonesia, surpassing the Losari in Makassar (600 m). Thousands of shops, a number of malls as well as entertainment centers are concentrated there, making the Boulevard becomes a night market, shopping while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

There are four major shopping malls in Manado and they are It Center, Boulevard Mall, Manado Town Square  or by local they called MANTOS and Mega Mall, and they are all situated on the same road, Jalan Pierre Tendean. This is a slightly less than three-kilometer-long (1.9 miles) street, commonly named “Boulevard” by the local, that stretches along Manado bay.

ATMs and various restaurants are easily available along this Boulevard, as well as within the shopping mall complex mentioned below. Apart from shopping malls, there are lots of smaller shopping centers and supermarkets throughout Manado and Minahasa.

Mega Mall Manado

Operational hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Phone contact: +62 431 879889 

Manado Town Square (Mantos)

Operational hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Phone contact: +62 431 8881071

Lippo Plaza, Manado

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